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I’ve spent a lot of time improving my personal productivity process to GSD. Here are some my best tips and hacks:

  1. Time-block your week. Knock out your most important rocks near the beginning of the week. Try to not schedule any meetings in the morning. Use that time for deep work.
  2. My favorite mantra: Do the hardest thing first.
  3. 3 x 3 x 3 is a simple framework. Three priorities for the quarter, week and day. Check-in on this list daily. Prioritize your day to move the ball forward inch by inch.
  4. Have a digital inbox to capture all of your thoughts. By getting ideas out of your head, you make room for new ones. Your brain was meant to come up with ideas, not store them.
  5. Mirroring - almost everything has been done before. Learn from others and mirror what they did, 80% of the time it’s the same playbook. Figure out the 5 most important steps. Do them and innovate in the other 20%.
  6. Invest into compound time. Invest into learning. Invest into yourself. Find time by deleting at least one recurring meeting out of your calendar every month.
  7. These days I like to keep my calendar fairly open. This allows my curiosity to roam. I spend time reading books, writing in my journal, and meeting with interesting people to get inspired.
  8. Automate the rest of your life, especially things you hate doing. For example, I use Calendly to schedule meetings and Amazon Subscribe & Save for repeat household goods. Use that extra time to invest in yourself or recharge.
  9. Balance is key. Take at least one day off each week. Go on vacation for at least two weeks. Exercise a few times a week. Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Eat more plants, less sugar. Develop healthy habits.
  10. My productivity stack right now: Todoist (tasks), Evernote (notes) and Google for everything else (calendar, emails, docs, files, etc). I like to keep things as simple as possible.
  11. While I love my digital tools, I still use paper notebooks every single day to journal. I love my Hobinichi Techo Planner
  12. Maintain an exciting and compelling vision of the future to fight apathy. Make sure it’s slightly out of reach to keep pushing you. Never give up.
Max Masnick, PhD @max

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